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Best suited for entrance areas of offices, institutions, hotels etc. Entrance mats are highly durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. The beveled edges improve safety and are suited for outdoor or indoor applications.
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Generally suited for industrial applications for areas such as factories, warehouses and workshops, where employees spend long hours in front of machines. Because of its robustness, these mats do not shift easily and have an excellent performance rate in heavy-duty applications. Industry mats have a specially developed nitrile compound that does not break down in oily and greasy environments, providing a safe anti-slip surface.
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All mats of this category are made out of synthetic rubber and cater specially to the needs and requirements of restaurants, bars, canteens, large kitchens etc. Its anti fatigue resilient rubber, relieves the stress and strain felt after long hours of standing and at the same time, offers the floor and any dropped utensil or tools maximum protection and is available in hot oil version as well. Drainage of solids and liquids is also easy, leaving a clean and dry surface at all times.
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Designed specially for places such as gyms, sports complexes and kiddies playgrounds, all sports and leisure mats are made from very durable rubber. The insulation and resilient properties of this rubber provides optimal comfort and protection, while the safety beveled edges and textured surface provide traction for training athletes.
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Agricultural mats are generally used for places such as stables and cattle-sheds. They are easy to install, thanks to the variety of product sizes. The clever design improves drainage, and its insulation and resilience provides optimal comfort and hygiene for animals. With a guaranteed long life expectancy of 10 years, the anti-slip surface of these mats adds to the safety and protection of the animals as well as the people.
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Electrical Switchboard Safety Matting, which is yet another new introduction to the Richard Pieris Exports matting range is an essential requirement for locations where there is an operative risk of possible accidental electrical shocks.

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    Manufactured out of natural rubber, these mats are best suited for residential application areas, small passage entrances and vehicles. The wide varieties of profiles available offer an extensive choice for many applications. The mats could be used for outdoor and indoor applications. These mats are offered both in retail as well as in bulk packing
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    These mats are manufactured out of natural rubber & could be used in non-oily environments. These mats are available in open as well as in solid surfaces allowing the user a wider choice. These mats can be used as single mats or as extended matting solutions in passageways, lounge and sitting areas, lifts and many other indoor situations
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