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Many online inspection points have been established throughout the production line in order to identify the level of quality of the products and its components that are being manufactured. The operators of machinery are provided with guidelines and specifications of the level of quality required and are further trained to understand, identify, appreciate and adhere to the quality standards of the company.

The reporting and feedback mechanism that is in place will alert the supervisory staff so that they can immediately take action to rectify the quality variance. Once a quality variance is identified the production staff will ascertain the reason for the variance and take relevant action. This mechanism ensures that the quality variations are kept down to a bare minimum.

The system adopted for classifying defects allows management to identify the gravity of the quality variance as well as to be able to trace back the variance to a particular machine, process or batch of production.

The PQRS system ensures that the same level of quality is maintained and received by the customers. This rating system also helps to identify any prolonged quality variances by identifying any major changes in the output percentages of the different 'grades'. This also allows to set, monitor and improve overall quality standards and efficiency levels of the production facility.
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