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Our site provides you with an easy and user friendly facility to make inquiries on the price of any product listed on the site.

Please follow the steps listed below if you wish to make a price inquiry:

Step 1
Select the required product section
   Rubber Products
   Foam Products
   Shoe Soles

Step 2

Select a product group that you are interested in
   Rubber Mats
   Food Jar Seals
   Crutch Tips
   Tent Rings

Step 3

Once you have selected one of the product groups, there will be a link on the right hand side of the screen called "View Products"
Clicking on the link will take you in to a list of all the products within that group of products.

Step 4
Each page will have a number of products displayed. For further products click on one of the page numbers given at right hand bottom corner of the screen.

It is possible now to add a product to your price inquiry list by simply clicking on
"Add to Price Inquiry " or viewing what you have currently added to your list by clicking
"View Inquiry List"

Step 5

If you require further information than what is given on the screen described in Step 4, simply click on "Product Details"
This will take you to a detailed product description page.

Again you will have the option to either add to the inquiry list by clicking "Add to price Inquiry" or viewing what you have currently added to your list by clicking "View Inquiry List"

When "add to price inquiry" is selected, you will be taken into a new page called "Inquiry List".

Step 6

On this page the product you added to the inquiry list will be available with the option to choose the quantity of the item as well as the option to delete an item from the list.

If you wish to remove an item click in the remove box and press "update"

If you wish to clear the entire price list a clear option is also available

Step 7
Once you are ready to submit the list of the products that you have selected for price inquiries, click on the "Submit Price List" button.

If you wish to continue browsing through the site click on "Continue Browsing".

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