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A large range of products that cater for 'many a need' in rubber matting, is manufactured by Richard Pieris Exports. However our commitment to meet the needs of our customers do not end there. If any of our customers or for that matter, potential customers require a specific design or a variation to one of our designs, we will readily comply with such requirements.

We also undertake manufacturing rubber mats exclusively for specific buyers in the event they supply us with the required moulds or in the event of a mutual agreement to develop the required moulds for exclusive or non-exclusive 'buy back' arrangements.

This method of new product development through collaborations and corporation with our customers extends beyond the manufacture of rubber mats. With a continuous supply of natural rubber from our own rubber plantations and the extensive experience and the technological know-how that we possess, there is a limitless array of products that can be manufactured by Richard Pieris Exports.

If it is to do with rubber or derivatives of rubber, let us know your requirements and we will find a solution to fulfill your needs in the most cost effective manner.
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