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Arpitalian manufactures soles and heel of several designs popular among Italian and other shoe manufacturers. We also undertake manufacturing resin rubber sheets for soles and heels for any specific buyer according to his own specifications. When we manufacture rubber sheets for soles and heels exclusively for specific buyers we would request them to supply us with the required moulds. We also undertake to develop the required moulds if these are mutually agreed 'buy back' arrangements.

We should stress the fact that Arpitalian posses machinery, technology and know how to develop exotic colour finishes. If we are looking at developing special shoe designs for an exclusive product market we could give you custom made colour finishes to suit your designs. Arpitalian has already developed brush-offs, metallic colours, pealarscent colours and these can be modified to suit your individual requirements.

We also could develop rubber compounds to match your technology specifications such as hardness, abrasion resistance and flex resistance.

Please let us know your requirements and we will find the cost effective solution to fulfill your needs.

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